What are your events about?

Melanin Squad hosts elevated quarterly events where womxn of color can have access to professional development, financial and leadership courses, health and well-being, classes, and networking events. We promise that our events are catered for the womxn of color in mind and you leave each event learning something new or gaining a new friend! 

I want to attend your events. Where do I buy a ticket? 

You can learn about our events from joining our monthly newsletters or you can sign up for events here! 

Are men and women that don't identify as women of color attend your events? 

Certainly! However, our events are catered to womxn of color and our conversations are for them and by them. No matter how you identify, Melanin Squad events are safe spaces to be your authentic self. 

I really want to attend your events, but I can't afford to attend. Are there payment plans or scholarships? 

We want every womxn of color to be able to attend all of our events and we understand that not everyone will be able to attend. However, we are in the process of figuring out how to allow payment plans for some of our events or scholarships. 

How many women of color attend your event? 

Some events are smaller and intimate than others, so attendance varies. It truly depends on the space and the type of event. 

My company is interested in sponsoring an event. How can my company sponsor a Melanin Squad event?

Melanin Squad is always looking to partner with new companies. Contact us here

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